Forfeiture process

April 09, 2012

RE: Case Number 2007R00885 and Court Docket Number 08-CR-00120

The United States Department of Justice believes it is important to keep victims of federal crime informed of court proceedings.  This notice provides information about the above-referenced criminal case.

Just an update on the forfeiture process. The forfeiture attorney is waiting for the liquidation of the real estate assets in Montana, the properties should be listed for sale within the next 3 months.He is not able to speculate on how quickly they might sell. Most of the other assets have been liquidated (trucks, business assets, etc.). Once the properties are sold, the forfeiture attorney will start the restitution process. This is a long process, so please be patient with us. This is all the information that I have at this time, I will keep you updated as I get new information.

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