Attempt to get justice for Global One Group Members

This blog has come about due to Global One's refusal to honor the promises made to their members. Here we will collect information and try to create a community for people who feel cheated by the promises made by Rick, Bill, Walt and others at Global One Group.

If anyone wants to help creating this blog please make a comment along with your email address. All comments will be hidden until we have read them and so your email will not be published.

Together we can make a stronger case.


Mark Christensen said...

I am one of the sad lenders who is still waiting for their loan to be paid back. I have no feeling of confidence in their ability to do this. Global one does have good charts and Rick knows how to trade pretty well. Unfortunately, they are poor money managers. For instance, they warned us of the FCM scams, then proceeded time after time to place our funds in one account after another. Global one then acts surprised when the FCM goes out of business, rips the money off, etc. What? Rick and Global one do not seem to take responsibility for the fall of the "Loan" program the promised the "mother of all returns." How many times did we hear Bill say "we are there!" only to be disappointed time and time again. Now Bill is trying to raise $500,000 for his Endwert Group? What? That's right. He has the guts to send emails to Global One members to solicit more funds from us. What? Do we really want to loose more money? As far as I can see, Global one is broke, but for the money dues that a hand full of "non lenders" pay to listen to Rick "Call the shots" on where the market is going. I believe in hindsight, that Global One does not have the street smarts to play in this Trillion dollar industry. Why didn't Rick just get his Series 3 license? My brother is involved in an IB that started after Global One. They have millions that they manage with a couple of auto trading programs. Their most recent program is a correlated trading program. It paid for his snow mobiles in 3 weeks of trading! Now I ask, where is the money Global one was loaned? How many FCM's have they been through? Whose fault is it anyway? Who selected the FCM's that ripped us off? It wasn't me or any other "lender." It was Rick and or Global one staff that fled from one FCM to another. Global One can talk and blame every FCM out there for their losses. Bottom line: they have $175,000 of money that belongs to me and 4 other people that were foolish enough to believe in them. I have better odds of winning a million dollar lottery than getting my money back. Come on Rick, prove me wrong!!

global-one-group-scam said...

Mark, you didn't leave your email for me to contact you..

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do want to contribute to this blog. I'm joining late because I just found it. I am still rebuilding my life after losing almost everything. I can share my story but my main objective at this time is to find other victims, join together and consider filing a class action suit.

Dan said...

I also feel like I have been ripped off if we could just get our original money back everyone would probably be happy